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From Kurt Hibbard – Media

Just like the Perseverance Rover, our transformation into the great church we will become will take time (the rover was launched from earth in July 2020).
There will be times of silence where we won’t know what exactly is going on, or if what we’ve done and planned is working out (there was a 7 minute gap when the rover was entering Mars’ atmosphere where, because of the distance between Mars and Earth, NASA didn’t know if the rover was deploying correctly and couldn’t communicate with it).
Just like the rover is allowing us to learn more about Mars and our solar system, I believe God is teaching us about what it truly means to be a disciple of Christ, and is growing our faith and knowledge of Him.
I’m excited about what the rover will teach us about the planets of the solar system, but I’m so much more excited to see our church grow and become a vessel to spread the Good News! 😃

 From Christie Hibbard (Our Worship Leader):  

The service Sunday night was incredible!  I’m still in awe of the way God moved & the powerful prayers that I believe are working out freedom in healings! 

I don’t want the church being robbed to stop our fire! If anything, I want us to fight back by worshiping & praying even more!
It doesn’t matter if we have all the instruments (or any at all), if we have an elaborate sound system, TV’s or beautiful lights…
I’m reminded of Paul & Silas in Acts 16. They had been arrested & beaten. But sitting in prison they prayed & sang praises to God! And God moved in a mighty way! 🙌🏽🔥
So, while we face not having things at the church we’re used to using it can’t stop the POWER of God! 🔥

Mike & I will do a simple worship set Sunday morning but I truly believe God is igniting our hearts & the hearts of our church family & all believers in a new way! 🔥 🙌🏽
Come encouraged, come ready to pray, praise & worship JEHOVAH-JIREH this Sunday! ❤

PROPHETIC word from DAEGAN, our newly-called young EVANGELIST (9-17-20)

Throughout my morning of prayer and time with the Spirit, I was flooded with messages of REVIVAL.  I’m following orders in telling you that what you have prayed for, what you have fasted for, what you have sacrificed for, what you held on to is here.  It’s here!  The faith your church has had, the commitment, the hope, all of it will be rewarded.  God has shown up and it’s BIG.  Get ready!  You will have people who have never stood up, stand up and prophecy.  You will have young children yelling messages directly from God.  You will be flooded with the Holy Spirit.  Wooooh!!  He’s ready to drown His people in the Spirit!”        –Daegan



I have attended multiple churches in my 55 years in the world.  I occasionally attended service at Tri City  Worship Center (TCWC)  and I always left feeling better than when I got there. The members were warm, friendly and sincere and the atmosphere just felt like home.    About 3 years ago I made the decision to start attending TCWC on a full-time basis.  I volunteer cleaning the church every week and eventually volunteered to assist the Executive Pastor with administrative duties.  My adult children, husband and minor grandchildren also attend with me, and the blessings and lessons we have received during our time at TCWC have been indescribable.   I have personally experienced miracles, inner healing and deliverance.  I have learned how to overcome situations through the teachings of the Holy Bible so when trials and tribulations happen  I know how to react and overcome them. I have grown in my knowledge of the Bible and how it applies to my everyday life.  The fellowship has been like I always dreamed of.  We are a family and we support, encourage and love each other with respectful and Jesus-like behaviors.   The Praise and Worship team is very anointed and the Ministry Teams knowledgeable and on fire to preach and teach the Gospel and be a service to our growing surrounding communities.  

Darla Ellington

New and exciting things are happening with our church as we continue TRANSFORMATION!!  Please pray for our Vision Team as we walk through the Acts2 process, returning to the template of the first-century church but set in our modern world.  Brenda Hutchinson

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